The machine with a warm embrace.

With 3 integrated heat ports, every pass will feel like a warm inviting spa-like experience.  Customers will stay warm and dry from start to finish.


For unparalleled level of comfort and relaxation.


Three professional grade of solutions for your full body sunless tan.


VersaSpa­ solutions are fortified with vitamins and minerals to enhance and extend each application for a long lasting and luminous glow.


With a revolutionary air-drying system available only by VersaSpa, you will exit ready to dress. No towel necessary.


With step by step voice guided instructions, it makes it worry-free.


Built-in air purification column, you will enjoy your treatment without lingering overspray mist.

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Is it a safe process?

Yes. All of the components in our tanning solution are approved by the FDA and have been used in food and/or cosmetics for several decades and are all natural.

How does it work?

Sunless tanning products work by creating a response with the top layers of skin. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) sugars, react naturally with the protein in skin to create that golden color that tanners are seeking. The VersaSpa uses a DHA self-tanner bronze blend to give you the streak-free golden tan you want – no matter what your skin type. Our solution is primarily aloe based with moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and golden brown, so you can look good and feel great! So with Aloe, Moisturizers and DHA, this all natural bronzing complex is not only giving you a great tan, but great skin! Thanks to advances in technology, there’s no longer any reason for any person to go through life looking pale and unhealthy.

How long prior to an event should i get a spray tan?

If you want a great looking tan for a specific day, it is recommended you come in for a spray tan one to two days prior to the day in question to allow enough time for your color to develop into that rich tan you are seeking. We recommend that you also come on days you don’t require it for a special function and get a spray tan and see how great the color works out for you, this way you know how much color can be achieve for days you would need to look your best.

What about allergic reactions to the chemicals in the solution?

No. All of the components in the VersaSpa tanning solution are all natural and have been used in cosmetics and food products for decades. These components are approved for use on the skin and are considered safe. If you have any serious allergies it is always wise to speak with our salon staff first. Our solution is Oil-Free and Alcohol-Free.

How soon after the sunless spray tan before I should shower?

We recommend that the user waits at least approximately 6 hours after sunless tanning to give the DHA enough time to fully set. If they shower earlier, they may diminish the intensity of the tan. When they do shower, the initial tan created by the water-soluble bronzer will wash off, but the DHA will remain and create a long term golden brown tan. DHA continues to build up to 24 hours after the VersaSpa session was completed.

Can I go swimming or workout after a sunless spray tan?

NO, You should not swim or do any excessive exercises that will cause heavy perspiration until AFTER your first shower which is at least 6 hours after your VersaSpa session. Swimming in a chlorinated pool at any time can cause bleaching and drying of the skin. Make sure you moisturize immediately after swimming thoroughly.

Does it turn the skin orange?

NO. In the past, self-tanners gave many individuals an unnatural orange glow and caused streaking. Most of these undesirable results were caused by improper or ineffective application techniques as well as poor quality lotions. Applying creams and lotions by hand usually results in excessive and uneven amounts being absorbed in the skin. Excessive amounts applied in a single application can give an orange glow to the skin. Unnatural dark spots may also appear in dry or thick skinned areas such as elbows, knees, and knuckles because these areas have a tendency to absorb more of the cream. Using lotions and moisturizers with mineral oils or Petroleum/Petrolatum, a byproduct of crude oil, may also cause tan to fade or change colors. Make sure you read the back of the moisturizers you are using. This new misting technology used to apply the VersaSpa tanning solution assures that all areas of the body get a uniform coating of the solution in the exact quantity required to produce a golden brown tan and NO ORANGE.

What should I wear in the tanning booth while I am getting the spray tan?

Many people do not wear anything. The room is completely private, so tanning in the nude is perfectly acceptable. However, if a bathing suit, underwear, or anything else is worn, it should be dark in color. The bronzer we use for initial color is water-soluble and should wash out of any clothing. The booth is totally automated and requires NO technician in the room with you, giving you complete privacy.

Do I wear something over my hair?

Many consumers wear disposable shower caps (which are provided by our salon) to keep the solution from getting in their hair. Other consumers tan without covering their hair. The solution will not penetrate the hair follicles.

What if I am fair skinned and never tanned before?

The VersaSpa tanning booth was designed specifically for individuals who can’t or don’t want to tan conventionally.

Do I get better results if I shave my legs before a spray tan?

Exfoliation prior to using any type of sunless spray tanning, is really the key to acquiring a tan which will provide the most natural fade. Your skin on the surface when looked at under a microscope looks like a series of peaks and valleys, as a result of dehydration and flattening of the keratinic cells that migrate to the surface of the skin. If you can envision looking at a landscape of peaks and valleys (a.k.a. your skin) covered in self-tanner and then think about removing the peaks like what would happened during normal skin exfoliation or shaving, what you will find is the greater the difference between the peaks and valleys the greater the likely hood of the tan fading unevenly. Thus shaving, whether on the legs of women or the face of men, which is a major form of exfoliation, is best done prior to the tanning session, this, in combination with a good skin care regimen, will ensure your tan will last longer and fade more evenly. Obviously since VersaSpa lasts approximately a week, you will need to shave some time in between, but proper preparation of the skin prior to having the spray tan as well as after the session you will find this will help achieve the best results.

When should I wax?

You should wax 2 days prior to coming in for a sunless tan.

What happens if it gets in my eyes?

We suggest keeping the eyes closed during the misting process. There is nothing in the mist that is harmful to eyes.

How long after the session before I can put my clothes back on?

Once the user has dried off, which is immediately after the session thanks to the built-in drying system, there is little chance of the bronzer or DHA getting on your clothes. If you pursue any strenuous physical activity after your VersaSpa tanning session, perspiration may cause some of the bronzer to transfer to your clothing. Since the bronzer is completely water-soluble it will wash out.

Can I continue to use UV sun beds as well as go in the sun?

YES. There is nothing in the VersaSpa tanning solution that would prevent users from tanning in tanning beds or the sun.
In fact, a hundreds of our customers have found that tanning in our UV beds FIRST, followed by an VersaSpa spray tan, actually gives them a better overall longer lasting tan. For the ultimate tan, we recommend the “California Cocktail” which consists of tanning in P90 High Pressure tanning bed immediately followed by an VersaSpa tanning session.

As seen on TV and used by many Hollywood celebrities this “California cocktail” is done for the elite of Hollywood to give them the best, natural looking tan possible. It’s not only available in Hollywood, but now this High Pressure Tan & VersaSpa “California cocktail” is also available at Sunny Days. Remember, however, that the VersaSpa tanning process does not give protection from UV rays, so getting an VersaSpa spray tan will NOT protect you if you are going on a vacation in a sunny destination. It will however give you a gorgeous looking tan for when you arrive on the beach in that swimsuit!

Please speak with our salon associates to recommend the proper UV Tanning Schedule at least 3-4 weeks prior to your trip to a sunny destination.

How many times do I have to spray tan before I will get color?

A person will be tan after one session, but it may take an additional session or two to achieve their desired color. Once they reach the desired tan, they should be able to maintain it by tanning every four to five days.

How do I remove any dark staining from sunless solution?

Some people’s palms or feet take on more solution than the others’ – It is important to apply barrier cream to the hands (wrist down) and feet (ankles down) to prevent the dry areas from absorbing more solution. Barrier cream is provided in the room complimentary. To remove staining, spread some lemon juice on stained areas, or you can use toothpaste (with teeth-whitener) rub it and work it into a lather on the stained areas to fade and remove any staining.

Is there a minimum age requirement to get a spray tan?

The minimum age requirement as per Indiana state law is 14 years of age.  Anyone 13 years of age or younger is not permissible by law for a spray tan session.